Tuesday 16 December 2014

Cloud software for shared calendar and tasks delegation

Your time is important.

Good work time management it’s a learning issue.

Good work time management it’s working better, with less stress, that could bring added value and more profit.

Nowadays working in a company, is working with colleagues, to collaborate with them; it’s therefore important that working time be also collaborative.

In order to have that it’s advisable to use cloud software for shared calendar.

This kind of software allows managing the work load form a PC, but also from mobile phone or PC tablet or any other device with an Internet connection.

This software allows charging colleagues with tasks, checking tasks progress and all this in real time.

What cloud software for shared calendar to use?

The best cloud based software for shared calendar it’s Simple CRM software.

Simple CRM allows shared calendar like:
- Online calendar, just like Outlook;
- Tasks list with priorities, budgets, companies, contact persons etc.
- Gantt chart
- Time Line Simple CRM (in prototype)

Simple CRM it’s compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac mobile phone or PC tablets.